Diabetic medications

Patient: I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic in 1999. My primary medication has been Glimiperide. My doctor has tried to supplement that with Metformin and Glumetza, but both cause severe diarrhea. My glucose has been running about 150 for awhile despite diet. He has begun mentioning insulin shots to control. This is something I would prefer to avoid as long as possible. Could you recommend other possible medications to supplement the Glimiperide as the others did, but without the side effects.

Doctor: Himetformin is anchor medicine for diabetes, but unfortunately, you are unable to take it because of side effects. sti ll there are many medicine you can consider like gliptin, glitazone, arcarbose etc. you can discuss there pro and cons with your doctor.But remember there are no medication without any side effectstake care