Diabetic problems

Patient: I am type 2 diabetic. I take 40 units of Lantus and 10 units of Humalog each evening. About once a week I have a belching problem. There is a very bad smell that is always prevalent when this belching problem starts. Many times I experience diarreah when going through this. It usually lasts about 18 – 24 hours. I take acid reducers, pepto bismol, etc. This helps a little but I usually just have to wait for it to pass. It usually starts before going to sleep at night.My blood sugar is consistently above 500 and rarely below 250. I was laid off from my job in June and no longer have health insurance so I can’t go to my doctor as I do not have the money after I pay all my bills.Lately, I have been constantly thirsty and have very dry mouth. I can drink a large glass of water and minutes later will be extremely thirsty and have extremely dry mouth. Of course, being diabetic, I have to urinate very frequently. Sometimes up to about four times per hour.Could I be getting Ketoacidosis? I seem to have a couple of symptoms. I feel like I have the flu with body aches and a severe cough I just can’t get rid of.I seem to have problems with short term memory lately. This problem has gotten worse over the past 6 months or so. Insomnia has also been a recurring problem for several months too. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder and am taking meds for this and the insomnia that are finally helping a little bitAny insight would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Frank