Diabetic who denies having diabetes and refuses to follow diet

Patient: My mother is 71 years old, over weight, and her doctors say she is diabetic but she refuses to accept that. She also has anemia and recently kidney failure and is now on dialysis. If she does not follow the suggested diet for dialysis, what other health complications can arise?

Doctor: I understand how worried you are about your mother’s condition. Certainly she has end stage renal disease and is very im important that she complies with her dialysis sessions as well as the special diet.Certain toxins found in food that are filtered form the blood by dialysis need to be reduced in her diet to avoid possible complications such as arrhythmias and central nervous system conditions causing encephalopathy due to the buildup of uric acid. I would suggest her to talk with her Dialysis technician and ask for counseling on her diet. I wish her the best.