Diabetic with Erectile Dysfunction.

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Patient: I am on diabetic drug an am having weak organ please what can i do?

Doctor: 50-70% of men suffering from diabetes will suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes i s caused by impairments in nerve, blood vessel, and muscle function. You may need to consult your doctor for treatment options like viagra, cialis and levitra. Additional treatments may include intra-cavernous injections, pumps and prosthesis.

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Guest: Hi My name is Behrooz , i have erectile dysfunction , my i met my girl friend i was about to have sec with her but suddenly my sperm came and i could continue even to kiss her , i tend to my doctor he said you cannot continue your bodybuilding and he advise that to do other exercises and give my these tablets : ( Citalopram and ultra fertile plus men ) .I am still single and i am afraid of marriage because of this problem and i really want to build my muscle just like other people any help from you i appreciate

Guest: My gf says we can’t have sex cause she needs a gallbladder surgey. She said that sex will make her bleed really?

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