Diabetic with metal taste in mouth

Patient: I’ve had type 2 for 6 years, im 26, my a1c is 5.9 but i havent been monitoring my sugars. i checked today, 2 hours after eating was at 135. i dont think thats good. i’ve had oral thrush for last month. tried one antifunal 150 mg, did not fix, tried same antifungal dyflucan 200 mg. day one, and 100mg per day for 14 days. still no change, been rinsing with apple cider vinigar, brushing teeth. now have metal taste in my mouth. i have headaches all the time, my temp is 99, i feel exhausted all the time (not like me), i’ve had severe gas and bloating, (gurgling in stomach), food is going through me, not like normal. not diarrea but soft and more often, urine and poop smells bad and strong. been taking, vitamin b (mix off all b vits), b-6, vitamin 4, flaxseed oil, waterpill and vyvanse. i need help, i have back pain and i cannot concentrate at all. please help. (also had vaginal yeast infection-gone now)