Diabetic with severe pain,what else can i do?

Patient: I am a diabetic,but i am having rather severe pain,starting in the back and radiating through my arms on both sides,it almost seems to be getting more severe but less often, i can only sleep about two hours at a time now,and gabapentine is the only med i seem to be able to use to actually help it, it goes as far as to force muscles to contract and deform for awhile,the last one caused irrecgular hb,shortness of breath,and likely pvc’s oif not worse. i am in the philippines and cannot really afford there charges t5o go to the hospital right now. i had requests for angioplasty,over being hit by flying debris,during a typhoon,but this is really bad and seemingly getting worse over time, it started at this time and cannot afford all there ideas,nor is the american embassy supporting me in any way? weird place they have in manila.what can be done to help control this better?