Diagnosing Pregnancy – Home test vs Blood test

Patient: I think I’m pregnant again but all my home pregnancy test were negative. How would i know for sure if i am or not? I’ve tried doing the online pregnancy calculator & from what I’ve put in all of them have giving me that I’m about around 6 weeks.

Doctor: Pregnancy is easy to diagnose.  It is diagnosed by detecting the presence of a hormone, HCG, which is produced in pregna ancy.Home pregnancy tests are quite accurate as they qualitatively test for HCG hormone.  This means they test for the presence of HCG hormone and not the amount.  Its basically a simple “yes its there” or “no its not” test.A blood test performed by your doctor  is a quantitative test for HCG hormone.  This means that not only is the test able to detect the presence of HCG hormone, it is able to also tell you how much.  The amount of hormone can be an indication of how far along the pregnancy is.If you are concerned about pregnancy, I suggest you visit your doctor for a simple blood test.  I have seen cases where the store bought test was negative and the blood test was positive.