Diagnosis MRI interpretation

Patient: Hello doctor. I had a back pain a month ago because I carried heavy objects and had a bad sitting position. I’ve been to the urgent care where they thought it was a herniated disk. I did a MRI 1 week ago. I can understand and see it is a herniated disk (L5-S1) but I want to be sure and only the knowledge of a doctor could help me to interpret the results.Here the results :”L5-S1 disc desiccation and a 7.5 mm posterior disc protrusion/herniation which abuts the descending bilateral S1 nerves without displacement or impingement. No spinal canal, lateral recess, or neural foramen stenosis.”Do I have to worry of these results ? (Or is it a classical diagnosis?)I don’t feel pain anymore (only when I sit down, but it is not as horrible as when I had my acute back pain) and I practice stretching and sport everyday.Thank you in advance for the time you’ll spend to answer me. Thank you, thank you !!

Symptoms: Back pain, herniated disk

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