Diagnosis of asthma in a pediatric patient.

Patient: My 3 year old son has breathing problems no one has diagonosed him with asthma they just say it what he may have. he wakes up some times in the middle of the night coughing and then throws up most of it is mucus. sometimes he gets wheezing so bad a nebulizer treatment doesnt help. he is miserable and starts to complain his neck and belly hurts i know he has allergies and takes zyrtec for them. what is wrong with him and what can i do to help him and get him diagonosed right.

Doctor: I realize how worried you are about your son’s breathing condition. Usually doctors don’t confirm the diagnosis of Asthm sthma until age 5.Certainly your son has risk factors for asthma; the most important in my opinion is his history of allergies. Therefore I would suggest you to start by getting rid of all carpets in your house especially in his room as well as curtains and toys that can collect dust such as teddy bears. Air condition should not point directly to him during his sleep since your son most probably breathes through his mouth and this might start coughing spells. Lastly continue with your physician recommendations and follow up. I wish him a prompt recovery.