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Diagnosis of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Patient: Hi, im a 16 year old teenage girl and i think i might have add or adhd. all of the online tests ive done suggest that it is highly probable that i do. I want to know for sure if i do or not, but i dont want to talk to my parents about it because theyll think its just an excuse for my grades. My biggest problem is daydreaming and staying organized. any help will work. thank you




Doctor: ADHD is characterised by hyperactive and attention problems. The symptoms you mention of daydreaming and lack of organis ation point towards attention problems. Hyperactive symptoms usually include unable to sit in one place, fidgety, unable to wait in line etc.You should consult a pediatrician who would assess you based on your symptoms and a preformed ADHD questionairre. This would help get a more precise and accurate diagnosis. You could request your pediatrician not to mention this to your parents if asked thus protecting your privacy.

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Guest: Question regarding the drug medication adderall. I was wondering about it as a child I had many problems in school I currently have dyslexia. Im geting ready to go to school for programing and I am one of the top players in a strategy game called starcraft 2. I have questions about this drug because I have heard it increases focus and abilitys to think more clear. I also had been diagnosed with adhd as a child but not clear if I actually did I currently cannot spell in cursive do to problems i had with spelling and reading as a child the doctors i had seen told my mother i would never learn to spell or read. I believe that was not the truth as you can see but I had questions about this drug to see if it would help me in college for focus please with your input would be very helpful thank you.


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