Diaper rash

Patient: How do i treat diaper rash at home

Doctor: This condition is a type of dermatitis or inflamed skin that appears as a patchwork of bright red skin on your baby’s bo ttom and usually has a relation with wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, and using plastic pants to cover diapers.The treatment of this condition is focused in keeping the skin as dry and clean as possible, it is extremely important to washing the affected area with soaps and disposable, scented wipes. Alcohol and perfumes in these products can irritate your baby’s skin and aggravate or prolong the rash.I would also suggest you to keep air flowing through the affected are letting your child stay without diapers for short periods of time during the day and applying over the counter diaper rash creams that contain Zinc Oxide.If this is unsuccessful, a prescription anti fungal cream may be needed from your doctor.