Diarrhea after before taking my pill and after i took it

Patient: I take my birth control everyday religiously same time, always. never missed one. i had unprotected sex tonight around 5ish and then tonight after dinner around 8 i had diarrhea. after at 9 which is the time i always take my pill, i had diarrhea right after it. should i buy the emergency contraceptive?

Doctor: I realize your concern about diarrhea and contraceptives. Usually it would take from 30 minutes to 4 hours to start abso rbing the medication.Since you had your diarrhea episode right after you took the pill, in my opinion I don’t think that this would interfere with the absorption of the medication.  However if you had vomits too, then you might had vomited your pill and loss the contraceptive protection. In that case you might want to consider taking emergency contraception. I hope I could clear your doubt.