Did i get a false positive

Patient: I took 2 CVS brand HPT and both were positive, then i took a first response HPT and in the instructions it says if 2 lines are show this means pregnant if 1 line then not pregnant, and this 1 line is on the right side, my results showed 1 line but on the left side, what can all this mean?

Symptoms: I pee alot, about 2 wks ago my breast were tender and my appetite is major now

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Unless both the lines appear the test does not mean it is positive for pregnancy there may be some manufacturing defect or an error with kit.It is advisable for you repeat the test once again with a fresh kit from a reliable store in proper condition & do the test preferably with the midstream urine sample collected early in the morning i.e. the first sample of the day for accurate results or opt for a blood test for βhCG which is more sensitive & accurate in detecting the pregnancy early on even when the concentrations of the hormone are low. With this test the chances of a false result are very low.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.