Did I have a migraine or a stroke?

Patient: Did what happened to me in my symptoms mean I had a stroke or a migraine headache?

Symptoms: I had a small headache. Took advil. 20 min later my vision felt funny like I couldn’t see right in both eyes and got dizzy/nausea. The light bothered me. My head sort of felt like I was starting to have a migraine. After a few minutes my tongue got numb then my fingers. The numbness felt like pins and needles and my right side of my face felt numb and from my elbow down to my fingers. I took some migraine medicine. I was able to talk, smile, could read, my face wasn’t droopy on one side. My headache wasn’t as severe as most of my migraines. Everything went away within an hour or two. My vision distortion wasn’t was I normally see when I have a migraine. It is almost time for my period to begin, not sure if hormones have anything to do with this. I’ve had migraines in the past. The numbness part was new. At the time I was very hungry because I haven’t had anything to eat since the night before. I did have a soda before this all happened. It wasn’t diet.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read the detailed history you have provided and understood what probably might have happened.The problems that you had suffered can be put together into a symptom-complex called TIA.TIA means Transient Ischaemic Attack.I would advise you to get a clinical evaluation, examination and investigations under the care of a Neurologist to have a proper assessment and further management so that further attack is avoided and you live a risk-free life.I hope this answer helps you, please visit your Doctor ASAP and get a clinical evaluation, examination and investigations and most important to get a reference for a Neurologist’s opinion and further management.