Did I have a miscarriage?

Patient: My period came on Dec 21 2014 went off Dec 26 2014….. Jan 12 2015 I began bleeding very heavy, more then usual and had craps to the point where i couldn move, I just had to lay there running back and forth to the bathroom. The bleeding stopped on Jan 20 2015 During this time I took a pregnancy test, it came out positive. Once the bleeding stopped I took another one and it had the positive plus but not the negative. Lastly I just began bleeding again Feb 5 2015 and its very heavy. I am trying to figure out what is goin on with my body. Did I have a miscarriage?

Symptoms: Heavy bleeding, cramping, abdominal pain, lower back pain

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you got positive pregnancy tests, there is possibility of p regnancy and miscarriage.Repeated heavy bleeding can be due to retained products of conception.So, please consult your doctor, get examined and go for ultrasound.Ultrasound helps in finding out the possibility of retained products of conception.If retained products are found, depending on the quantity of products further management can be planned according to your doctor’s advice.Take care.