Did I have a pregnancy risk

Patient: Tonight my boyfriend and I were making out in his bed. We make out and dry hump regularly (both of us ALWAYS have on pants and underwear) as there doesn’t seem to be a viable pregnancy risk when you and your partner are fully clothed.While making out, he asked if he could finger me. I first told him to do it over my pants, which was okay. He then asked me if he could do it over my underwear. I agreed, which was fine. Then, he asked if he could go inside my underwear. Without thinking, I agreed. He fingered me both vaginally and by stimulating my clitoris until I climaxed.I just want to know if this would be considered a pregnancy risk… I’ve read the pregnancy risk assessment, but I still kind of want your opinion. I know that he had a erection, but I cannot be certain if he came or not. If he did, though, it would have been inside his pants. We had the light on, and I didn’t see any wet spots on his pants that would indicated that he had.Anyway, through all of this he never once had his pants off or zipped down, and I’m nearly 100% positive that he did not touch his bare genitals at any point.I guess I’m just scared that maybe he got semen on his hand somehow before he fingered me. I know that that’s almost impossible from the circumstances described, but I’m still kind of freaked out. I think part of the reason I’m so scared is because it was the first time anyone has fingered me. Do you guys think that I should pick up EC tomorrow to be on the safe side? Or do you think that it would be unnecessary? Any help is greatly appreciated.