Did I herniate a disc?

Patient: Hello, I am currently a 22 year old male about to suffer from an anxiety attack over this.It all started around 3 – 4 weeks ago. I was weight lifting, everything seemed fine, and there was no immediate pain or anything. Over time, however, I noticed that my lower back got more and more tense and stiff. This ONLY happens after prolonged periods of walking at night, never in the morning or afternoon. Then I noticed in certain positions, I got this small electric shock pain in my left glute. I’d like to note, this pain was not constant. It only happened in certain positions. After a few days, it went away.But the thing is, the lower back issue is still there. I don’t know if I’m getting better or worse to be honest. Like, how can I put this, I was walking around the mall yesterday and felt my lumbar area stiffen up. After a few minutes, it stopped and was fine. Today, I was walking around the same mall, no pain at all. It is really random.As for the typical sciatica symptoms, to be honest I don’t know if it’s due to anxiety or sciatica itself. For instance, I feel that my calf muscle is tense, and I can “feel” my calf contract when walking. There is no pain or burning sensations, just mild discomfort. I notice that blood tends to be flowing at a much more noticable rate to my left leg rather than my right.To clarify, I took the liberty of:1 – Doing “calf raises” with each feet individually. I can do both with no pain at all, just the muscle tensing up.2 – Walking accross the room on my toes, again, no pain3 – Walking on my heels (lifting my big toe) on each foot – no pain4 – Doing the “Straight leg test” the pain was not reproducedBut I still feel this random, dull, minor (and I really mean minor) pains in my left leg, and sometimes in my right. The pain doesn’t follow a specific path, it’s super random. Sometimes, these pains are reproduced in my right leg as well! Like, 5 minutes ago, I felt this shock in my right glute!I’m scared I herniated a disc, and am also scared I’m suffering from hypochondria. I’ve seen three medical professionals, one of which I went to twice, and they all told me I pulled my Spinae Erector Muscles as “Sciatica pains are constant, not pulsating.”I just need more opinions on this. Please help?ThanksYousef