Did I miscarry

Patient: I was almost 2 weeks late on my last period and when it came 1st day was really heavy and i was tired and slept most of the day I was up maybe 5 hours for the entire day. That was Jan 18th when i got my period but now Jan 27th i am feeling how i always feel before I get my period usually by 5-7 days so if I do get my period within the next week does that mean that period on the Jan18th I miscarried?

Doctor: Your heavy periods after a delay of two weeks mostly might not be pregnancy or miscarriage. Often, if the periods get de layed, the first period day after prolonged one, will have heavy bleeding. So it is mostly not an abortion. It was a delayed period. If your period this time occurs at regular interval, nothing to worry, as once in a while a period might get shorter or longer. But be alarmed, if it gets delayed again and consult a gynecologist for further management.