Did I possibly overdose on Vyvanse?

Patient: So i understand the importance of following prescriptions and I learned my lesson from this mistake. So I was prescribed 60 mg of vyvanse for my ADHD and then stopped taking them because of depression. My pills expired in 2012 but I’ve had a really stressful finals week at school and decided to take some this week to help me out. The last 4 days have been fine, took one a day. then yesterday i didn’t feel anything so i took a second and still felt fine. Then today I accidentally took four of the expired pills because I couldn’t feel any of the effects and I was so used to taking my 10 mg dextroamphetamines in 2012. I took them between 3 pm. and 10 pm. I am 5’3 118 lbs 21 year old female. Am I in danger? I called poison control and the woman said I should be fine if I haven’t experienced anything by now.

Symptoms: Throbbing in neck, dizziness, paranoia, numbness in arms and neck, no fast heart rate.