Did missing doses throw my cycle off ?

Patient: Hello , My boyfriend and I had sex on the 14th of February , He used a condom and I am on birth control . He pulled out before he ejaculated which was also no where near me . Afterwards we checked the condom to make sure that it did not have any tears ( it had none ). My first question is that even though we were cautious is there still any chance that I could be pregnant ? I have no symptoms no nausea , no sore breasts , nothing . However afterwards I missed about 2 weeks of my birth control and when I finally remembered I took two of the active pills on the pack I messed up on and began a new pack of birth control and I am wondering by doing that did I throw my cycle off ? Could I possibly be pregnant or did I just screw up my period around the time it was supposed to come on :(Thank you in advance .

Symptoms: No Symptoms at all .