Did plan b work even though I’ve already ovulated

Patient: Hi,I have ibs and feel a hardness on the left side of my abdomen above my hip. That is just the start of my issues. I recently had unprotected sex on December 12th and tool plan b 12 hours later. I am reading that the pill does not work if you’ve already ovulated. If this is true then it might not have worked for me. My last period started November 19th. Also he did use the pull out method. I am freaking out and would like your educated advice

Symptoms: Hardness in stomach above hip, nausea, bloating

Doctor: Hello,There is no such thing as that the pill doesn’t work after ovulation. It works on progesterone withdrawal mecha nism and sloughs off the endometrium preventing implantation. But it has no effect f pregnancy has already established.So if you have missed your periods by more than 7 days then , its better that you perform a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy first and if negative then you may safely wait for the periods to return till 15 days post missed period, following which you may have to undergo an ultrasound to check for endometrial thickness and may have to opt for a D& C.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards