Diet and Nutrition advise regarding eating late at night

Patient: Dear Doctors,Can you please advise which scenarios below will most likely make me become an overweight person or will the difference not be significant? Both scenarios consume EXACT same food each day (quality and quantity), and the exact same amount of physical activity is taken in each scenario. In addition, this person needs to sleep by midnight.Scenario #1a. Have breakfast everyday around 7am (30% of calories)b. Have lunch everyday around 11:45am (20% of calories)c. Have dinner every day around 6:30pm (50% of calories)Scenario #2a. Skip breakfast everydayb. Have lunch everyday around 12:35pm (30% of calories)c. Have dinner every day around 11:30pm (70% of calories)Thanks,Chris

Symptoms: Overweight

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Scenario #1 seems to be a better diet plan as you are not skipping breakfast. Skipping brea kfast can lead to to store more weight as you are not refueling our body after sleeping for 6-8 hours through the night. Furthermore, it is important that you try to reduce the amount of refined sugar, and processed food in your meals as these excess calories that are nutrient deficient can lead you to gain excess weight. We hope this helps.Thank you for consulting