Adolescent Nutrition

Is the herpes virus the only cause for cold sores? Is it possible that vitamin deficiency could cause coldsores?


I think im pregnant its been 3 weeks now and i started beeding and my period is not due yet. Could it be implantation bleeding even if it looks like a normal period?


My girlfriend is convinced that she wants to gain weight and I can't convince her out of it. She is already 192 pounds and 17 years old. I know the subcutaneous fat is safer than visceral. Are ther...


Is 164/100 high blood pressure for a 19 year old man weighting 300+lbs?


Im 14 and I am very worried. I have never had sex or anything. my balls are a dark brown and I'm white. Also they have little bumps like hair is starting to grow or fordyce spots. I have hair. Also...

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