Alcohol Abuse

I usually have 4 to 5 grandmariners a night The next day I have stomach pains and fecal leakage. Then I stop having drinks the next night and it's sort of ok.! Then when I have more drinks the nex...

My fiancé got drunk on an empty stomach and when he ate he threw up. I have horrible emetophobia, did he vomit because he was drunk?

Does over-ez help with hangovers? I had lots to drink last night and a friend of mine recommended me this supplement that he saw at some party. I feel very sick and my stomach is killing me. I prol...

Would 8 beers in 16 hours produce high BAC while intetnally bleeding for the last several days.

My father has thrown up, is still nauseated. Has severe back pain, pale complexion and sweating. Age 53, history of stomach ulcers and pre existing back problems. Has used Tylenol, Advil, and Aleve...

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