Alternative Exercises

Had a total hip replacement one year ago. Want to know if I can do a full 180 inversion. I can see the 60% angle shouldn't be a problem but was wondering if the full inversion will cause any issu...

I have hip pain when I walk or stand why does it not hurt when I ride a bicycle

My penis is spewing blood when I pee, it hurts so bad, and I'm thinking about cutting it off, please help before I do something stupid!

Hissing in the ears, almost fall unconscious, nausea and not able to hear anything, it's all during the exercises. I've been exercising for about a month and this didn't happened, like never. I'm 1...

I want to start working out again and I used to take weigh protein because there was no side effects(for me anyways)and it's good for you(again for me anyways),BUT I want to start using a different...

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