Alternative Exercises

Why is one of my testicles "drawn" up? minimal discomfort no swelling

Good morning, I am 40 and play basketball. A couple of months ago my achiles on both legs started hurting really bad. I wake up and they are stiff and sore. They loosen up a bit during the day, ...

Whenever i do any sort of stretch in my chest ie. Supermans at the gym, stretching my arms behind my back or even chest presses i get super nauseous why could this be should i be doing it more?

I smoked cigaretts for 45 years and have quit (been 4.5 months) with doctors prescription of Bupropion. The Lungs show no signs of cancer, and supposedly no emphysema. The question is: What can I...

Hi Doctor I am 30 years old guy. I had aneurism 3 years ago. I have a 3 coils surgery by catheter. I did a CT scan twice and lately I have a catheter to see the coils and the and the aneurism. My...

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