What would happen to a young man (who has completed puberty) if they were to take only anti-androgens and not a full hormone replacement as in taking estrogen alongside it?

My lymph glands at the top of my throat have been enlarged to about golf ball size for a few months. My primary physician put me on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for something else and thought ...

I mistakenly used a kind of anti bacterial soap, the kind you find next to the sinks when I showered in the washroom. I got some of it on the tip of my penis and just inside. It is now burning and ...

Worried about antibiotic resistance. Taking antibiotics for tonsillitis until Friday, feeling much better

I am on metformin and an antibiotic. I take 1 metformin before meals and one at bedtime. I take antibiotic after breakfast and after supper. My blood sugar was 297 after lunch because i forgot m...

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