How much helpful is green tea in removing toxins from body? Is green tea with sugar is harmful?

Is Agricept L, safe to give to a 5 years old? Are there any side effects? Thanks

I seem to be having problems fighting off any infection that comes my way, lately. I have a broken foot and concussion (with brain swelling). I know this is probably contributing. Usually, I am fai...

Hello I am a 38 year old female who is currenty taking metoprolol er succinate 100 mg for high blood pressure . I recently found out I am boderline diabetic and was prescribed metoformin er succina...

I have a weak bladder and urinate alot. Since Sunday I haven't been going as much but I have an achy feeling in the lower part of my front sides. I thought I had a virus but its been 2 days and I'm...

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