Binge Eating Disorder

Well something alarmed me , two days ago when i woke up i went to the bethroom to wash my face and when i spet i've seen blood , i thought it was from Gingival or that i injured my nose , but this ...

Hey, I used have a binging eating disorder until few week ago, and although I stopped something weird is going on in my body, first of all I don't feel hungry at all even after 30 hours of none ea...

Hi doctors , i think i am suffering from Binge eating syndrome but i havent consulted a doctor yet , i am 14 years old and im overweight but because i think i have this issue , I cant seem to lose ...

I have been doing research, trying to feel fuller longer. I was wondering if having rolled oats after a work out in the morning would be beneficial. Thank you

I usually eat until I'm uncomfortably full and am still hungry after that, but can't force myself to eat anymore.

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