I exerize a lot every day and eat extremely healthy all natural foods and record my daily calorie intake, but no matter what i do i can't loose weight and my bmi says I'm overweight! Why does it s...

I would like to understand if i have a belly fat, loose skin or water retention i weight 66kg and i am 1,76 tall, i went from 85 to 66 kgs, from 75 to 65 it took years, from 75 to 66 it went prett...

According to my BMI, based on my height, weight, and age, I am in a healthy weight zone. I want to gain 20 pounds and if I do I will still be in the healthy weight zone. If I gain 20 lbs of fat ins...

Hello I am 19 yrs old And have 5.4 height and 40 kg weight i want to gain 6 to 8 kg minimum weight in just 10 days plzz help it is very important for me . Ur quick response will b appreciated.

Hi doctors , can i get breasts enlargement without a surgery ? how ? and does breasts massage really affect on their size ? thanks .

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