Last week I was very stressed out and was not eating much. My weight dropped dramatically, but I am eating normal now but I am still losing weight. In the past week I have lost 9 lbs.


I recently started doing exercise about 45 to 30 min a day every 4 to 3 days a week I weight 93-94lbs and I am 5'1. I feel good and eat in my opinion very good and healthy. I never noticed I was un...


Sir i have 10 mm of ureter stone..what are the measures to avoid surgery? plz suggest me wid the medicines which dissolve the stone and hw much are the chances of it to pass through the urine?


What is the Olnesartan medoxonil for


My BMI is high and I am 40 pds overweight for 26 years old. I am very active cause I work outdoors which is a lot of movement. I am on synthroid for thyroid problems and hydrocortef for which my bo...

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