How can my wife control the lowering and rising in her blood sugar ?

I have just taken my first dose of Metformin 500mg. last night. Within 30-40 minutes I was vomiting and suffering from severe stomach pain. The pain lasted through to today. Should I stop this m...

I have just been diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease. I was told to go on a Low Carb, High Fiber diet. How many grams of Carbs should I have a day? Thank you.

6 months back I eliminated meat (all animal types)from my breakfast and lunch on the way to an eventual total vegetarian diet. Now my blood glucose is 118. In 2007 it was 120 when I ate meat in an...

Dear Dr, I'd like to explain my problem to you. Lately, i've been suffering from stomach sound, really loud one, and it's embarrassing me. I wake up at 8 am and eat my breakfast at 9 am. My breakf...

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