I want you to do analysis my blood report Total Cholesterol 160 Triglycerides 192.6 HDL 36.3 NON HdL 123.6 LDL 99.4 VLDL 24.2 Chol/HDL Ratio 4.4 LDL/HDL ratio 2.7 SGOT 34.7 SGPT 70 Uri...

My cholesterol has jumped to 10.2 and my triglycerides are 16.1 How dangerous is this levels

I have high CRP level 0.532 vit D 5.64 iron (fe) 30.7 cholesterol 213 LDL 114 testosterone total 0.067 testosterone free 0.002

I have a blood test results including triglyceride and cholesterol and uric acid and needs to be checked by a doctor please first test was made on 10MAR15 . second test made on 22jul15 . I on...

I have recently done a CT of the heart with attention to the coronary arteries. The test was performed by a Siemens HeartView CT. The total number of coronary calcifications has shown as 1653.0. Th...

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