I max out at 50 on bench press. I was lifting a small bar that weighed 10-20 pounds up and down 100 times and i felt dizzy but I kept going until i reached 100. Then afterward I got completely dizz...


When I take a deep breath I feel a surge of blood in my feet. Is there anything to be worried about?


I am 16 years old and 5 foot 2, and i want to grow a few inches in height. I know that things like exercise, good night sleep, and healthy eating helps you grow. Recently I've heard that stretching...


I can't straighten my elbow or touch my shoulder without pain after falling on my arm when it was extended two weeks ago. When I try to straighten my elbow it just won't staighten and there is pai...


Concerned about pain in the left part of my left ankle; pain when i plantar flex it, and when i move it to the side, but can usually walk without pain. I feel pain when i stretch though.

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