Muscle Pain

I have had a left side discomfort that seems to be right at the lower rib cage. The discomfort isnt always there and it seems like if i move occasional it appears and it only last like 1 a second....

About 7 weeks ago I was at a birthday party and we were drinking alcohol and smoking cigars. I do take medications, and did not consider the possibility of an interaction at the time. A few days la...

Safe to get a hysterectomy 2 months after a tummy tuck with muscle repair?

Dear Doctor I should be very grateful if you could please help. I had been suffering from sciatica pain down my left leg for about 6 weeks. However, about two weeks ago the pain went away ...

I've just found a hard lump on my bicep muscle no pain Lifted heavy object about 2 weeks ago and felt something pull

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