What does moderate non hemolyzed blood and moderate protein mean in my urine dipstick test mean. I have included a picture of the stick (note that the ketones are normal for me it is diet related)

What does Moderate blood and protein in urine on a dipstick test mean

I was told by the Dr the other day I had protein in my urine a large amount. I have high blood pressure along with high blood sugar. What can you do to reverse this problem ?

I am very thin. my age 24 and height 173 cm but my weight is only 60. how i can gain weight with healthy diet . Please suggest me what should i do.

I am having protein and chyle in urine since 2 years.once the protein got to 19 grams but now its reduced to 400mg.i also had a considerable weight loss of 20 kgs.Minimal change disease and FSGS we...

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