Quitting Smoking

I have smoked menthol cigs for 30 years. They are testing us this yr for medical insurance. How long must I be completely off cigs to test negative from test

I am a heavy smoker for 20 years. I have a very dry painful nose. I also take drying meds which we are tapering off to a very low dose. I have so far quit smoking for 5 days on the nicotine patch ...

My question is for doctor reference ID 453646 and 459965 only. Thank you for your previous advice on my nose and throat issues. I have a second opinion ENT visit this coming week for which I am op...

I'm a smoker and having surgery soon. I'm stopping smoking but can I use nicotine gum instead of smoking?

After quitting cigarettes i noticed a small lump near my left ear lope above my jawline, also a swollen lymph node under my chin on the left side

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