I am a 52 year old male, very fit and healthy. I've recently been having some strange experiences whilst running which have now been occurring more frequently. I'm currently competing in an...

Hi there i feel a sensation running through my teeth, like when you eat ice cream. my throat is feeling discomfort.

Went running the other day...after bout two days after the inner part of my left foot and bottom of my foot started to hurt and looked swollen....I would say it is around the midfoot....I have no p...

Why does my heart rate get so high while running? I've been working out for years, running, spinning and kick boxing. I noticed that when I run my heart rate spikes to 180 sometimes. I don't feel a...

I have the flu and have been running a fever for 7 days.. is there any point in going to see a Dr. at this point..?

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