Sports Injuries

Got kicked in the shin bone with studs/cleats during a soccer game and now is very painful when pressure is released when walking

I was playing beach soccer, and my big toe popped out of the socket. I rested for a month, then I slowly started running again over the course of two weeks. I then tried to play soccer again (wit...

Hi doc , i did my first boxing class today i am a 35 years old female , fit after i finished my class i felt some pain in the last finger of my right hand , slight heaviness when i close my hand an...

I fell off the bed trying to step on the night stand to hang a picture. It all happened so quickly, i fell with the night stand landing on the outer side of my left knee. Immediate bruise and ski...

Can my hamstring be surgically fixed. while playing soccer I ripped the insertion of my bicep Femoris from the knee.

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