Sports Injuries

Hello, Last March I sustained a hand injury. A line under high tention (a rope) snapped and hit the back of my right hand on the 4th metacarpal. Since I was at sea, it took me a couple days...

Hi, I am a 44 year old female. I have been exercising regularly for at least 15 years, including running 2-3 days a week (average 3-5 miles) and also cycling in the last year (gym spin classes). I ...

I broken my ribs 5 years ago (dec 2012). 4 ribs is not ok. Can they still be operated?

I've been having some chronic neck pain so I went to the chiropractor she took x-rays and when she looked at the x-rays of my spine in the neck area she said I have diffuse idiopathic skeletal hype...

Hello, I had fallen down a flight of stairs. Later when I went to pass a stool. I notice blood in my stool. I belive this might have been cause by the fall. What should I do?

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