I am not sure if I have Clonus in the wrist? When I flex my wrist up towards myself it starts shaking uncontrollably, but stops when I put it back. After I do this my hand becomes tingly and hot. W...

Im experiencing mild pain in right shoulder an upper arm for last 2 days, the pain is felt when I strech my arms or when I try to touch my shoulder with ears.

I have a infected ear lobe from stretching to 8mm and it has crusty puss on it and I'm wondering how to clean it off

I am tanay, 21yrs old. In my blood test there is increase in P-lcr-70.9,PDW-23.3,and MPV-15.1. And my platelet counts is normal and also RBC is normal. And hemoglobin is also normal. So I request y...

How long should it take for a sprained wrist to heal and is there anything I can do to accelerate the process? I sprained it about 6 weeks ago (bent forward and twisted towards the thumb) and i...

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