Hello I'm a 32 year old athletic male My wife 29 and I are going to start a family this year My question is is it safe for me to continue to use over the counter sports supplements (protein a...

Hey there doc, I am an independent rep with a health and wellness MLM company and we just launched a new sports supplement line that I am investigating and want to know as much about as possible...

Do testosterone supplements shrink male genitals and does it have any bad side effects? And are there any other safe penis enlargement stuff that will not affect my health as a late teen?

Dear Doctor, I am a 26yo male, around 84kg at 176cm, about moderately active since I am trying to get back in shape and I learned that multivitamins supplements the essentials which are missing ...

I have taken a mass gainer of Forza nutrition Pro Bulk which has 688 calories 40g protein and 127g carbs. Is it safe ? Do they have side effects ?

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