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I am going to Thailand next month. I am an extremely healthy active 72 year old woman on no medication and no health problems. Do you recommend getting any shots for this vicinity?

Travelling in SE Asia and taking Doxycyclin as an anti malarial. Been taking it for 3 months and supposed to be taking it for the next 4. Severe sunburn and blisters, clay coloured stools and today...

I am leaving on a trip to Nicaragua 1/8 and I should be done with the oral typhoid medication one week before I leave. However, I will not be done 1 week prior to leaving the country and I was won...

Is is safe to fly after having recent pulmonary embolisms and only been on Xarelto for 1 week?

I'm looking into doing some travelling in the Pacific area of Asia. There are some required shots I need to get. I only have a small window before I leave, 3 weeks. Hep A and B, Tetanus, and Typho...

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