17 year old with ED ... Tried taking vitamins nothing's working

I was diagnosed nearly a month ago with a vitamin D deficiency. My bottle of vitamins went missing the other day, and my parents and younger brother say that none of them moved it. I never touched ...

Are multi vitamin capsules okay to take in my daily life? i dont eat alot of fruits and veggies.. in fact, i just have a gag relfex for most of the fruits and vegetables..i just have bad luck..and ...

Hello Doctor, I am 28 Years old male, from India, diagnosed for d3 deficiency before a year, During that time, I got cramps and numbness in my legs and hands, I was on d3 IV for 3 days, my d3 level...

Im taking 50,000 milligrams of vitamin D twice a week but my levels are lower what would cause it to get lower. plus im in the sun daily to help try to bring it up but it is getting lower

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