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Hi. I am sick ALL the time and was wondering what vitamin supplements would be good for my immune system. Also, if I get Vitamin C and Vitamin D, can I take them at the same time every day and how ...


Hi i was told that my b12 in a blood test was low and have anemia i have been out of breath a lot lately plus pins and needles in my legs and hands and very tired and depressed as well can you tell...


My birthday was 4/8/1991. Now I want to increase my height about 2 inches at any cost. What can I do now? Please help me.


If you chew a vitamin does it negate the effects of it? I was curious because I am trying to live a vegan lifestyle and I need supplements to get certain vitamins and nutrients.


Hi, ali here my age in 20, i have pain in my elbow and knee for couple of months, and its too much, i test my blood, i got only 13% vitamin d , but i take a treatment to the doctor, but still not...

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