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I am 32. After several years, I stopped taking fluoxetine and the doctor has put me on Vitamin D2 (5oooiu). B6, B12, B1 as well as thyroxine, folic acid and metformin. I feel tired all the time,...


Which multivitamin should I take to be healthier. My doctor said I have a D3 and B12 deficiency.


I'm 24 years old working on market 8:00 am to 4:30PM and poor nutrition i have vitamins definecy how i can use stresstabs w zinc?


How does the doctor check for calcium deficiency. I have very sharp pain in upper inner thigh that comes and goes. Especially when I'm sitting down.


I am a 59 year old African American female. How much vitamin d supplements am I suppose to take?Right now I am taking vitamin d 3 2000 iu and vitamin k 2 100 mg

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