Weight Gain

How much weight gain is too much? I recently returned to school for a PhD, and also retired from a fairly intense cardiac, competitive sport (competitive Irish dancing...about 15-20 hours of cardio...

Hi, I have a question about my weight. I am 41 years old, five foot 4 and weigh 116 pounds. I have been told by everyone that I am way to skinny and underweight. I jog 3 times a week, I eat no sug...

My husband and I are traveling to Kenya and have to take the anti malaria medication Aralen. I way 60kg he weighs 110kg. Does he need a stronger dose? Or is one adult dose enough for any weight?

Hi, im writing up a heath & fitness report/ assessment concerning how many calories are burnt when performing the exercise bicycle crunches. I really need an accurate and detailed answer as to ...

Hi What does extremely high c peptide high insulin normal sugar show and how do they treat it if at all

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