Weight Lifting

Are taking steroids safe? I am currently 17 years old and want to play college football. I have received scholarships from a few schools but they all have the same one requirement....I NEED TO INCR...

Hi, I am planning to take garcinia cambogia select for weight loss cause I'm 190 lbs ,is it a safe drug , does if have any steroids, please suggest me. Thank you Rubina

Do chia seeds help you lose weight? Or is it a myth like I've been seeing please help.

In the recovery days after I lift weights, my face becomes inflamed, and I blush very easily in response to stressors. This seems to be the worst when I am the most sore (about 2 days after I lift...

Hello, I am a 14 year old boy. And I am trying to gain muscle mass. I am very skinny, 5'5", 107lbs. And I had a few questions about how I should eat and how I should workout: Should I do cardi...

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