Weight Loss

Using Slender Forskolin and Cleanse daily and still, haven't lost a pound, Why?

Help. I'm trying to lose weight. I get craving late at night and I try to snack on fruit and veg so as not to give in. Can you tell me if I will gain because of the fruit or make progress?

Age born 4/12/28. Had amputation of below knee on left leg last September 2015. Epileptic - medicine taking - 100 milligrams Pheniton /50 milligrams epuniten/plus 1 tablet 250 milligrams of misolin...

I've been weaning myself off of Zoloft as I no longer feel I need it. If I stop, can I safely take gardenia cambogia for weight loss?

Hello. I am about 40 lbs over weight, trying to lose weight. Three years ago I had something traumatic in my life and began to spot, bleed a small amount for a week. 2 years ago I had a transvagina...

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