Diet for avoiding Protein supplement

Patient: I need a Dietician. Actually I Joined Gym for toning my body. my trainer often saying me to use protein as a supplement and I don’t want to use protein as supplement from powder or any type of medicine. Because I heard That Protein powder has side effect If I left the Gym for a few months or forever because of any reason. Please provide me a proper diet, so which I can continue workout without taking any supplement.

Symptoms: NIL

Doctor: Thank you for your question. You certainly do not need not take protein supplements as part of a healthy diet program. I n fact there are great whole food protein options which can assist you in building healthy muscle during your exercise regimen. Such sources of protein include eggs and lean meat (chicken breast, or fish). As far as a personalized diet plan is concerned, we will require more information pertaining to your current health conditions, as well as your personal fitness goals. First we recommend that you consult your personal physician prior consulting a dietician to design a healthy diet plan to support your fitness routine. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting