Diet in diabetic nephropathy

Patient: A sixty six year old lady with type 2 diabetes is diagnosed to have diabetic nephropathy with a total 24 urine protein of 10 gms, her cholesterol is 238 mg, ldl 132 and serum albumin is 2.9 gm. Her height is 158 cms and weight is 55 kgs. The dietary cholesterol and protein content would like to recommend is ?

Doctor: The first recommendation would be a tight glucose control. Controlling the levels of Glucose in the blood would help sto pping the damage already caused to the kidneys and also studies have shown that a good glycemic control helps decreasing the protein loss in the urine.The next recommendation would be to decrease the sodium intake in the diet, this would help reducing the blood pressure and water retaining in the body. A low fat diet and rich in vegetables would help decrease her cholesterol however medications to treat her diabetes, kidney failure and cholesterol should be added on top of the diet and lifestyle changes.