Diet of French Fries

Patient: My boyfriend is 22 years old and only eats french fries. I am very worried about his heath. Since he was about 7 his diet has consisted of only french fries, popcorn, ice cream, nuts, and potato chips. I wonder if there is something seriously wrong with him that would cause him to have this diet. I am afraid he is going to die at a young age because of a poor diet. Is there anything he can do to try and change his diet? What should the first step be in him trying to start eating other foods? He realizes that a diet based solely on french fries is unhealthy and wants to change. He just doesn’t know where to begin or if his diet is the result of an underlying medical or mental condition.

Doctor: There is no known medical diagnosis that would explain your boyfriends behaviour. This is simply a case of bad dietary c hoices and perhaps even bad parenting.  If your boyfriend is motivated to change, he should see a dietitian or nutritionist for guidance.Your support will also be valuable to him.