Diet Pills and Birth Control

Patient: Hello, I’ve been on birth control for years now (starting with ortho-tri-cyclen) when I was fourteen. I just turned eighteen not too long ago, and I have been on (Camila aka Nora-Be) for about a year. I just purchased Xenadrine pills today. I know the thoughts of diet pills differ from everyone, but I just want it as an additional boost onto my workouts. I was wondering if there were any sort of ingredients that could clash with my birth control.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Xenadrine weight loss pills have been available off the counter but the ingredients have not been tested or tri aled against birth control pills ,so any logical evidence based opinion cannot be offered , but it has to be kept in mind that excessive weight loss per se is a stressor to the body and can easily effect the cycles in spite of the pills making your withdrawal bleed from moderate to scanty or even missed periods even with pills as seen in some cases.So the opinions are divided on the subject.wishing you good health,regards