Difficult in swallowing, causes and treatment.

Patient: Foods, mostly chicken and apples if not chewed a hundred times will pass down all the way to the top of my stomach just fine,but it appears to stop at the top of the stomach, then I get to seeing stars and start seeing black like I’m going to pass out.Sometimes it will last 10 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes.This has been going on for over a year, but the other day, I completely blacked out for at least 10 seconds. Any ideas of what is causing this ?

Doctor: Your symptoms of dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing food) could be the result of a decreased compliance of the esophagu s obstructing the entry of food into the stomach. You may be at a risk for dysphagia if you are a smoker, consume alcohol and have a reflux disease. The other causes could be due to a formation of stricture in the esophagus, neuromuscular weakness or tumors of the esophagus. I would suggest you to see a gastroenterologist for further investigation. Endoscopy may be helpful to determine the site and cause of the block.