Difficulty swallowing, mucous, no temperature.

Patient: 2 weeks post op robotic partial nephrectomy. Healing very well, but have had difficulty eating and swallowing for past 4-5 days. When I look in the back of my throat, pharnx, naso-pharnx, there are long white/yellow streams of mucous. No temperature, no lymph nodes, slight chills on and off.Do I need to return to the hospital , and be seen immeadiatly, or can I go with my own diagnosis ofviral pharyngitis, and take some mucinex and go to bed. WM 80yono pain ,on swallowing, lungs seem clear.Many thanks,Stephen J

Symptoms: Difficulty swallowing while eating, particles of food get caught in pharnx.
no other symptoms, signs are white /yellow stripes phrynx, and naso pharnx

Doctor: Hello,This appears to e a sudden onset swallowing difficulty and cannot be attributed to neprectomy operation but, of course yes to any acute onset streptococcal infection of the pharynx causing sore throat and pharyngitis.As it has been existent since last 4-5 days it is important to visit your physician for a throat swab culture and isolation of the organism so that an early treatment can be started. Also, the infection should not affect the healing process of the recent surgery.I hope I have answered your query,regards