Diffuse body weakness and pain in the left hand and fingers

Patient: am 61-years old.i feel weaknesses in my body.i have also pain in my left palm and fingers.kindly advice.

Doctor: The causes for feeling weak all over are diverse: muscle problems (polymyositis, muscle dystrophy,drug induced), thyroi id problems, peripheral nervous system issues (Guillain-Barre),vitamin deficiencies, anemia, depression. People with other symptoms, such as fatigue (tiredness, feeling exhausted), sleepiness, will often say they feel weak and it can be hard to distinguish some of these from actual muscle weakness. Then, the specific treatment depends on the cause. I suggest that you get a comprehensive evaluation by your PCP and once determined the cause proceed with the right treatment option. Regarding the pain in the left hands and fingers it would be important to rule out a peripheral neuropathy and the most common in this category would be a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.